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About Us


The Pizza Edge is serving fresh and delicious pizza in Brampton, Ontario. We specialize in take-out and delivery of pizza made from the fresh ingredients and top quality chicken wings.

Excellent, fresh ingredients and toppings are the foundation of our success along with our famous, reserved recipes! With every pizza placed in our oven and every wing drizzled with sauce, we amuse ourselves on quality with every order we make.

The Pizza Edge offers vegetarian and non-vegetarian pizza in Brampton, Ontario. We continue to provide our customers with great tasting food. We believe in hard work and healthy eating and established our business on this very basis. We offer a variety of choices for both vegetarians and non-vegetarian Pizzas for those who are health conscious.

We will light your desire for delicious and healthy Pizza with just one word - guaranteed. You will be convinced to grab yourself a slice before your energetic taste buds go out of control. Our Pizza is just that incredible. We are for the courageous pizza lovers who have no doubts about a Burger on a Pie, Chicken Taco Pizza, Phillies favorite and many more. A simple pepperoni slice is more than pleasing with a thin coating, fresh sauce and delicious mozzarella all in perfect quantity.

We not only serve fresh and tasty meals every time but our special and combo deals make our selections even more attractive! Be sure to visit our "Deals Page" for delightful deals that taste great and save money.

On our assurance to provide excellent products, reasonable prices and wonderful service.